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The Bootycorns: Shut Up and Play!

An eclectic minimal fullon melodic banging uplifting groovy rockin progressive soulful jackin dub anthemic bassheavy tribal feelgood shiny obscure classic mix of house!

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House Music All Life Long

Club Nights

Friday June 14
Pastime Saloon (No cover)
Leadville, CO 

Live Streams

The Bootycorns stream live on Twitch at least once each month at Twitch.tv/DJAlexWhalen.

Good times. Good people. Come hang with the chat room crew or just lurk, whatever works for you.

Miss this week’s livestream? You can catch up with archived versions of each show on Mixcloud.

With age comes wisdom. And B-sides.

For nearly two combined centuries, The Four Horsemen of The Bootycorn Clubpacolypse have been throwing down choice choons on dancefloors from Madchester to Minneapolis, Los Angeles to Lima, Wildwood to West London, Denver to DC, and Boston to Bogota. Wherever they go, they bring their unique brand of… well… look… back in their day it was all called House and House was a feeling that no one could understand, you understand?!?

So who exactly are The Bootycorns, and what is it that they do?

The Bootycorns are the ones who give you the power to jack your body. They are the ones who give you the power to do the snake. They are the ones who give you the key to the wiggly worm. They are the ones who learn you how to walk your body. They are the ones that can bring nations of all corners together under one house. You may be black, you may be white; you may be Jew or Gentile. It don’t make a difference in The Bootycorns House. And this is fresh.

Bottycorns Booth Magic

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The Four Horsemen of The Clubpacolypse

Dave Icon


And he went forth conquering the dance floors around the world.

George Icon


And power was given unto him to take funk from the Earth.

Scott Icon


Unto him was given a wicked, funky, wonky, disco bassline.

Alex Icon


And power was given unto him to slay the dancefloors with love, beats, and music.